Splitwise.com – Track Shared Expenses

Splitwise.comSplitwise is a new application that makes the sharing of living expenses really easy. Using this app, housemates can ensure that bills are going to be paid when they have to, and that everybody will have a perfect understanding of what is owed to whom. This is accomplished using a set of tools that make first for splitting the rent, and then for keeping track of these expenses that have been shared. It is all done online, and a trouble-free interface makes for inputting the exact amounts that are owed, in a really direct way. And once that information has been set down, Splitwise can take care of sending email reminders both for debts and for deadlines to everybody.

Splitwise is a free application, with registration being over before you even notice. You just choose a username and pick a password to go with it.

Of course, Splitwise is not the first application for keeping track of shared expenses that has been released. Check Beezang, Whats Your Share and Bills Are In if you want to see how other services get the same work done.

Splitwise.com In Their Own Words

Splitwise helps your apartment keep track of shared expenses, so that bills (and housemates) get paid on time.

Some Questions About Splitwise.com

Will Splitwise always remain a completely free application? Or will some paid features be rolled in later? Splitwise.com