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Splitable.comThe ones who claim that IOUs are great for settling debts among friends are the ones that have never used them. The truth is that IOUs can more often damage a friendship than help preserve it. They make friends start giving each other the slip, they make people find the most ridicule of excuses not to see each other. And that ends up breeding contempt. I know many a friendship that’s got ruined over IOUs. So, alternatives for splitting costs with your friends are greatly welcome. And all the more so when they are as well-executed as Splitable.


As its name suggests, this web tool lets you split the cost of items with your friends. A new laptop computer, a car, a trip abroad, a fanciful dinner… you can split the cost of mostly anything. All you must do is to name what you’d like to split, upload a pic and provide its price for a team to be created. The members of the team are invited from your email contacts, and messages and confirmations are also sent using email. It’s only when everybody has submitted his payment confirmation (and the total price has been reached) that the team will be charged. The price will be paid, the money will be sent directly to the merchant, and you’ll all get your item.

And in addition to being a web service that people like you and I can use to share our expenses, Splitable has an API that merchants can use to give customers a better chance to pay for items.

At the end of the day, in recession times like these the only way in which people can make certain purchases is by sharing the cost with others. And Splitable turns that into the easiest thing in the world. In Their Own Words

Splitable makes it easy for friends to get together and pay together. Invite, pay and comment in one simple hub, and avoid having to collect or front for your friends. Splitable’s payment method is United States Patent Pending.

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Can you buy just anything like this? Or are there some restrictions?

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