SplashTop.com – Instant Net Access Without the Wait

SplashTop.comHere’s an idea, (a rather interesting one too) to chew over: computing, surfing the web, checking your email, all good and normal stuff, when your computer is in that in-between zone, still booting up, not fully on and functional. SplashTop lets you do just that.

With SplashTop your computer is ready to use within moments of turning it on; you needn’t wait for it to boot—just start chatting, IMing, and mailing away, nothing so harrowing as boot-up time will get between you and your net needs. You see, Splash has Firefox (and Skype) burned into ROM which makes for the lightning quick speed. It’s perfectly safe and eco-friendly—instead of leaving your beast on all the time, you can turn it off, give the planet a rest, and have no regrets. The only lament you may be harboring is that you don’t have an Asus P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi AP motherboard, which is the only way you can use SplashTop, at least for now.

SplashTop.com In Their Own Words

“Remember when booting a computer gave you enough time to make a cup of coffee? Not anymore…
With Splashtop you can read e-mail, chat with friends, or surf the Web seconds after pushing the power button!”

Why SplashTop.com It Might Be A Killer

This motherboard is fast, convenient and green. For those who hate boot-up time and who doesn’t, SplashTop is one cool companion. It’s perfect for those whose jobs and productivity require online status.

Some Questions About SplashTop.com

SplashTop doesn’t support Firefox plug-ins and it’s relatively expensive in comparison to other products out there. Will this web only computer concept catch on? Will people get it? SplashTop.com