Spire.com – The Leading Social Resource

Spire.comSpire is a social resource for affluent and busy individuals. This site is full of lifestyle recommendations, ranging from travel, to arts and culture, to wellness and beauty.

Both members and professionals contribute to the site and give their insight into the top social and lifestyle outlets, making this site a well-rounded source of the best recommendations out there. Users can browse by location, and specify anywhere in the world where they would like to find recommendations to make the best lifestyle choices. The site is frequently updated, ensuring that users have access to only highest quality and most up to date info.

Spire.com In Their Own Words

“Spire.com is the leading social resource for affluent people. Spire blends vetted lifestyle content with members’ perspectives to provide in-the-know insight™ that is impossible to source elsewhere. Membership is free. Members access savvy recommendations in the S-Files from our Curator, Suzanne, and firsthand insights from Spire members on where to go, whom to trust, and the best sources for ideas, inspiration and services across many categories of life. We know you seek quality and have but no time to waste. We hope to simplify the process and save you time in getting to the right people and the right information you need to make smart lifestyle choices. Every day, Spire members are discovering something new, asking questions, comparing notes, and getting connected to experts and knowledgeable insiders. Simply put, Spire helps you find the best and leave the rest.”

Why Spire.com It Might Be A Killer

Spire is a specific resource for a defined target market. The site is well-developed adequately supports the recommendations posted.

Some Questions About Spire.com

What other categories of recommendations may be added? How may users contribute and interact more with the site, and one another? Spire.com