SpiralFrog.com – Legal Music Downloads

SpiralFrog.comAre you looking for cellphone resources? Would you like to download free cellphone ringtones? In that case, Spiralfrog.com seems to be an interesting website to visit. This site offers you the chance to download cellphone ringtones, wallpapers and themes among other things to customize your mobile phone.

On Cellware you can search for everything from sports and music wallpapers to people and animal themes for Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson cellphones. What is more, Spiralfrog.com offers free MP3 pop, rock and reggae songs in addition to video games and fun free 3GP videos.

Do you want to download free MP3 songs to listen in your cellphone? Would you like to download free cellphone wallpapers and themes? Then, you can enter Spiralfrog.com and search the site for free music, images, wallpapers and video games for your mobile phone. Take this website into consideration if you want to customize your mobile device.

SpiralFrog.com In Their Own Words

\”SpiralFrog is a Web-based, ad-supported music experience, combining music discovery with the free acquisition of audio and music video files, licensed from major and independent record labels and publishers.

We are a market-driven solution to illicit pirate file-sharing sites, with an easy to use Web interface that allows music lovers to discover artists, songs, music videos and artist information\”.

Why SpiralFrog.com It Might Be A Killer

On one hand, SpiralFrog is adding legitimacy to free downloading by partnering with Universal and by handing over some of its profits to record companies and artists (though nowhere on the site did I see a formal explanation of this process). It might attract some users who don’t like paying a dollar per download on iTunes, or those who feel uncomfortable with downloading illegally through a service like LimeWire.

Some Questions About SpiralFrog.com

On the other hand, nothing about SpiralFrog’s offerings would make a user who is comfortable using a service that lets you download illegally want to switch over; it’s not like SpiralFrog is completely free, after all. Additionally, those who are really passionate about the music industry and don’t like to see artists get shafted will frown on SpiralFrog’s profit-sharing policy; if users only pay a flat, one-time fee, isn’t this rewarding less talented musicians just as much as it is virtuosos? Something about the system doesn’t seem quite fair.


Correction: There is no charge for SpiralFrog users. SpiralFrog.com