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Spinn3r.comSpinn3r is a new product launched by TailRank, the social news site. Spinn3r is an enhanced spider or crawler which is used to index the blogosphere.


Users can take advantage of Spinn3r’s super clean, spam fighting, spidering tech to build their own apps based on blogs. Other features that are sure to whet your whistle are ranking, language categorization, real time ping support, and spam prevention. These are especially practical for creating any sort of blog tools. Weblogs are indexed at least once an hour. New blogs are discovered via the specialized ranking algorithm. Security is impeccable—everything is constantly monitored so you needn’t worry. Spinn3r’s charges are monthly and are based per thousand blogs crawled and delivered. Their latest version is free for researchers. In Their Own Words

“Why write your own spider when you can just use ours?

In order to build Tailrank, we needed to create a spam-resistant and high performance spider (also know as a crawler) to index the blogosphere. This involved spam prevention, language categorization, complex trust ranking, realtime ping support, etc. Needless to say, building a high quality spider is a difficult task.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Spinn3r obviates the need on your part for extra work; it’s much easier to use their sophisticated and high quality spider than to spend time building your own. Quite useful if you’re building blog tools.

Some Questions About

How does Spinn3r handle as compared to the competition?

Author : Siri Marshall

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