SpinCloud.com – Worldwide Weather Conditions

SpinCloud.comA mashup that aims to provide people the world over with updated weather reports, SpinCloud can be readily put into practice without the need to pay any fees nor incurring into registration processes of any kind.

As it is customary with endeavors like this one, the project is fueled by Google Maps, so that the interface is instantly familiar first time around.

The one element that maybe has to be mentioned is the button named “Meteoalarm”, but other than that the interface is sure not to get in the way.

A menu that showcases the hottest and coldest locations is likewise included, and the rainiest and snowiest regions anywhere can be visualized the same way. This way, you can check out how inclement the weather has been recently and be thankful for living where you live.

As you can see, the site plays out a very concise role, and next time you need to know whether carrying an umbrella with you or not is necessary it will dispel your doubts right away. Just visit www.spincloud.com in order to start informing yourself.

SpinCloud.com In Their Own Words

“World wide weather.”

Why SpinCloud.com It Might Be A Killer

Weather conditions all over the world can be easily accessed through the site.

Some Questions About SpinCloud.com

What features could be implemented in order to make the service more appealing? SpinCloud.com