SpiderPic – Pay The Right Amount For The Right Picture

SpiderPicSpiderPic can be termed a price comparison search engine for stock photos. It has the aim of letting the user find the lowest price available for any stock photo on the web by pinpointing images that are located in different sites, something that would be impossible to do manually.

Not only because finding the same photo in more than one website is hard and time-consuming, but because estimating the cost takes up too many factors: number of views, downloads, the prestige of the photographer…

This site attempts to overcome such difficulties by coming up with an engine that does the laborious bit, letting you focus on just picking the most suitable image for any assignment. You can either search on the site or use the browser plug-ins to compare photos that you have found on the web to realize where they can be bought for the best price.

The site is certainly revolutionary – until now, photo buyers had no place where they could compare an image that they wanted to buy in other agencies to see where they could get the best value. SpiderPic provides that in just a couple of clicks.

SpiderPic In Their Own Words

“SpiderPic is a price-comparison search engine for Stock Photography.”

Why SpiderPic It Might Be A Killer

It is a valuable service that can be found nowhere else.

Some Questions About SpiderPic

In which ways can searches be refined?

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