SPHEER – 3D And AI Coming To An Operating System Near You

Like many modern workers, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. Annnnd I’ve been guilty a time or two thousand of grumbling about some aspects of this work – back and shoulder stiffness, lack of conversation, staring at a screen way too long…


I was reminded of how awesome my life is recently by watching Captain Phillips. No threat of pirates abducting me at sea in this line of work. I’ll choose laboring with words over risking life and limb any day. I don’t need that kind of adventure. However, a routine of typing and clicking and trackpad swiping leaves room for excitement.


Such as an immersive 3D sphere.



Say goodbye to the typical computer interface and hello to SPHEER, a 3D holographic virtual reality operating system. If it takes your brain a second to wrap itself around that mouthful, think of talking to your computer in ways similar to Tom Cruise in Minority Report or Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man.


Instead of the flat screen, SPHEER renders your online world – files, events, browsing history, applications – into a three-dimensional plane, in timeline format. The “northern hemisphere” of your Internet globe represents the past, the “equator” the present, and “southern hemisphere” the future.


SPHEER works with existing operating systems (Windows, Mac; mobile, Android and iOS, etc.), VR platforms (Oculus) and familiar services such as Dropbox, Google, Facebook and Twitter. However, powered by IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence, you get to interact with your data as if starring in a sci-fi flick.


spheer ex


Not just for gaming any longer, SPHEER’s 3D environment equips you with semi-holographic clocks, calendars, file and browsing views. You have visualized music players and you can customize chats, social media connections and more in every detail. Voice recognition and data sorting abilities (to name just two) let you create entirely new relationships throughout your online universe.


As if this OS wasn’t wicked cool enough, the makers have opted to give the crowd a central role in both funding and managing SPHEER. They’re currently running an Indiegogo campaign, in which backers will be invited to participate in making decisions on everything from development to marketing and monetizing. They will then enjoy a share of the return according to their contribution – calculated with the help of a Watson algorithm, naturally.


Ready to scrap your boring ole 2D computer interface? Game for jumping onboard the future of VR operating systems? Show your support on Indiegogo or learn more about SPHEER at spheer.io.


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