Spexmaniac – Prescription Glasses Online

For people who live in the UK, Spex Maniac is a great place to buy prescription glasses. Prices are always reasonable, and the service is top-quality. Standard glasses, half-rim glasses, rimless glasses and bendable glasses are all sold by the company, with prices starting at £15. And on its website (www.spexmaniac.co.uk), you can shop for glasses online in the easiest of settings. This site lets you pick the kind of glasses that you’d like to buy, see all the available color combinations and then order the ones that you think would look best on you. You’ll pay for them using your credit card, and they’ll be shipped to you in 3-5 business days, once they have been assembled and tested.

Of course, when ordering anything you’ll also have to supply your prescription’s details. You’ll basically have to replicate all that that your optician wrote down, but (just in case) Spex Maniac has actually got a page where you can see what “Sph”, “Cyl”, “Axis” and every other abbreviation means. In this way, you won’t just be copying random names and numbers, and your chances of making a mistake will be reduced.

And a nice bonus is that you’ll also get a pair of thin lenses with your order. These are actually worth £40, and you’ll be getting them completely for free.