At Last, Spendwell Is A Personal Finance Tool You Can Actually Use

“Pay yourself first” and “live within your means.” Are these totally foreign financial concepts to your ear? Are you familiar with them but have found such principles impossible to follow? No matter your answers, we could all use help staying financially fit.


Spendwell is an app built with personal finance best practices in mind. It’s a fitness tracker for your money, designed to give you a better handle on your accounts, spending and savings, and financial planning.


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If that sounds like a lot, it’s because Spendwell is a versatile tool, a financial advisor in your pocket – that speaks a language you can comprehend!


Spendwell allows you to collect information from all of your accounts in one location. This helps keep money flow visible, and ensures that you keep up on the bills and know how much you can safely spend. Without additional effort, Spendwell monitors money coming in and going out, and lets you know if you’re saving money or falling behind.


Spendwell makes it easy to see where your money is going without the need for spreadsheets or budgeting on your part. The easy-to-navigate app shows these details  in plain view. All it takes is a glimpse to understand where you stand at any given moment.


A clear window into your personal finances is a great start toward becoming financially healthy. Help with setting goals and staying on target? That’s another level of money smarts that’s so challenging to reach. Usually it takes professional help. With simple budgeting tools and calculators, Spendwell rises to the challenge. Could be you just want to establish a budget, maybe save for a car or house, plan for retirement – whatever your goals, you can set them within Spendwell and accurately gauge your progress toward achieving them.


How exactly can Spendwell help you save money? By providing a number of insights that are difficult to find on your own. For example,in the company’s words: “We analyze all your transactions and give you insight into where your money is going. You can then quickly spot that subscription you forgot about, realize you’re paying way too much in bank fees, or learn how selling your car and taking Ubers all the time might actually save you money.”


If you act now and request to sign up while the company is in private beta, these services won’t cost you a cent. Afterward, Spendwell will run just $5 per month – a small price to pay for managing money more easily and not missing out on savings opportunities.


So, if you need help getting out of debt; you’re sick of not knowing where your money has gone at the end of each month; you want to learn how to manage your personal finances by yourself; find the tools you need at


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