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Speeksy.comA social discovery tool, Speeksy works in real time and it lets you use your Facebook account to meet people who share your very same interests and friends. On Speeksy, everything is handled via chat and video, in environments not far removed from bars or coffee shops. These “social venues” are true get-togethers in real time, and you can easily reserve a spot in the ones you like through the site. When you first enter any of these, you’ll see all the people who are there. And just as if it were a real venue, music will be playing in the background.

The idea is that you’ll look at who’s connected, and if you see someone who looks interesting then you can start talking to the person using a combination of chat messages and live audio/video.

This service is free to use, all you must do get started is to sign in with your Facebook account. And just to get you going faster, the site features all the most popular users on its homepage. You can check their full profiles, and also learn where it was that they were last seen at. In Their Own Words

Use Facebook to discover new people with common friends and interests.

Some Questions About

How popular can this become? What might make people adopt it quicker? And what might keep it from becoming a success?

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