SpeedDate.com – 3 Minute Video Dating

SpeedDate.comAre you too busy to go on actual dates but are dying to meet your perfect match? SpeedDate.com accommodates schedules that run at break-neck speed by hosting 3-minute video dates.

Anyone with a microphone and a web cam can sign up for the newest thing in online dating. The truth is that, as much as we love to bash online dating, it is becoming increasingly legitimate thanks to sites such as SpeedDate.com. Contestants in the cruel game of love get a break with this dating service because there are no profiles filled with lies and exaggerations. Pairs are face to face and get to judge the book by its cover and click yes or no at the end of the 3-minute date if a second encounter is desired. Most people would agree that usually you know within the first few minutes of meeting someone, if there is a possibility of a romance. SpeedDate.com is banking on this theory and only time will tell how successful these micro-dates will be.

SpeedDate.com In Their Own Words

“SpeedDate is the first online speed dating site. We allow you to join speed dating sessions from the comfort of home using your web cam, microphone or chat. We believe that speed dating is the most effective and quickest way for you to meet great people on the web.”

Why SpeedDate.com It Might Be A Killer

SpeedDate.com is a good solution for people who are too busy to go out, meet (the wrong) people, and then have to play hard to get. Without profiles and photos, daters get a convenient chance to meet and judge others who also don’t have the time to go out in the wilderness and hunt down their prey. The question is will these super busy people find time to make a new relationship work?

Some Questions About SpeedDate.com

What happens if a dater clicks ‘yes’? What kind of personal information is shared? Are there longer dates available? SpeedDate.com