SpeechTrans.com – Use Your iPhone As An Interpreter

SpeechTrans.comAs its name suggest, SpeechTrans is a new iPhone app that can take care of translating speech from one language into another. This application acts as a true interpreter that you can carry in your pocket and summon when you need linguistic help.

SpeechTrans will be the perfect tool for people who are traveling abroad. It guarantees that they won’t ever be misunderstood – the app’s bidirectional speech recognition and translation capabilities go into ensuring that any kind of discourse will be rendered from one language into the other instantly. And there are no limits in terms of words – an unlimited number can be assimilated and translated by this application

And an added bonus is that you can use SpeechTrans in order to dictate status updates to be posted on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

As it stands, SpeechTrans works on all versions of the iPhone and 3rd Generation iPod Touch. Besides, iPads are fully supported. You can buy SpeechTrans (and learn even more about it) at the App Store – the link is provided on the site.

SpeechTrans.com In Their Own Words

“SpeechTrans Spanish English Translator with Voice Recognition Powered by Nuance maker of Dragon Naturally Speaking.”

Why SpeechTrans.com It Might Be A Killer

It is the kind of application that ensures any trip abroad will go according to plan.

Some Questions About SpeechTrans.com

Are there apps that do this on other mobiles? SpeechTrans.com