Spectackler.com – Find & Compare Electronics Specs

Spectackler.comA shopping tool that goes by a suitable name, Specktackler has been devised so that users can shop online for the right products without getting mired in technical considerations.

This system takes the Amazon database as the starting point, and it lets you carry out searches that can be refined at will.

This search tool is augmented by a wide number of features. These include the ability to star favorites and compare them by viewing their specs in an easy-to-understand format which dispenses with technicalities, as well as the option to send search results to friends in order to ask a for second opinion.

Furthermore, it is possible to bookmark the search criteria and the starred products to your preferred social networking sites. This way, you can have access to even wider shopping support and assistance.

Bearing in mind the actual time of the year, shopping resources such as this one come in more than handy. You can locate it at the featured address and see if it clicks with you or not. A video demonstration is there to help you form an impression, too.

Spectackler.com In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Spectackler, designed and built to help you overcome the confusing intricacies of those daunting product specifications. Say you have decided you want to buy a digital SLR. You know the price you are willing to pay and may even have an idea on what features you require from your new purchase, but trawling through the product details on different sites can be a very time consuming task. Not forgetting the task of remembering which products you liked and why. With the money you are going to spend you want to make sure you are going to get it right and Spectackler is here to help you. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or need to be given a few pointers, Spectackler can help you find the product to suit your needs.”

Why Spectackler.com It Might Be A Killer

It streamlines the shopping experience by enabling users to find the right products in a timely manner.

Some Questions About Spectackler.com

How does it fare in relation to other shopping tools on the web today? Spectackler.com