SpecialsAgent.com – Find Specials Wherever You Are

SpecialsAgent.comSpecials Agent is a new search engine for bar and restaurant specials. It will empower you to input the kind of food or dink that you are looking for along with some geographical information like your ZIP code or the State you are located in.

Based on that information it will provide you with a list that can be further filtered based on aspects like the date or the specific kind of special.

The site also lists the latest specials on the main page, whereas you can sign up and receive “Confidential Specials” by email, too. And a mobile app that will let you know which places to hit while you are on the go is also available.

It goes without saying that a link is provided in case you own a business, and you want any special at your bar or restaurant to become public through the Special Agents website.

Finally, keep in mind that daily deals are likewise featured on the site for you to gather your friends and get down to some collective buying.

SpecialsAgent.com In Their Own Words

“Local bar & restaurant specials.”

Why SpecialsAgent.com It Might Be A Killer

Both the site and the mobile app will provide you with a very satisfactory list of specials with a minimum of effort.

Some Questions About SpecialsAgent.com

Which parts of the United States are better-covered so far? SpecialsAgent.com