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SpeakLike.comWhile translation services are not necessarily evolving at the same rate as the Internet itself (IE at breakneck speed) they are still moving forwards at a satisfactory rate. I think that happens because any translation service you can imagine needs human input to be as effective as an exigent consumer would demand.


And the site I am reviewing right now exemplifies that, as it combines both proprietary technology with crowdsourcing to produce translated texts.

SpeakEasy works by assigning the texts that people submit to qualified translators, and (according to what has been submitted) the end result will be available in as little as a couple of minutes. Translators work 24/7, and so far 35 languages are covered by them.

Using this service, it is possible to have mostly anything translated – from blogs and emails to chat and text messages, it is all taken into consideration. You will then be capable of employing the resulting text for localizing any service you provide, and for marketing any product of yours more effectively. There is nothing more aggravating that a campaign which bypasses the nuances of a language, after all. In Their Own Words

“SpeakLike is fast, reliable, affordable and easy. We combine crowdsourcing with proprietary technology to deliver on-demand translation for businesses big and small.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Being able to have content localized in this way reduces the costs and delays of doing something like this in-house.

Some Questions About

Can you volunteer your services and join the team somehow?

Author : Roger Hollings

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