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SparkTrust.comSparkTrust offers webmasters the ever-vital assurance that their sites are safe from the malicious activity of hackers and scammers via the two unique platforms that it has created. These are SparkTrust Certified and eTrue, and on the company’s site you can learn all there is to learn about such platforms – how to use them, how much would each cost you and how quickly they can make a difference as far as having a much securer website is concerned.

In general, it can be said that SparkTrust Certified is the one platform webmasters use to defend their sites against hackers, vulnerabilities and malware attacks, whereas eTrue is a platform conducive to developing trust socially. It basically allows confirmed customers to rate and discuss all these websites that they purchase anything from.

So, the combination of both services mainly goes into covering all an online retailer could have to worry about – nobody is ever taking his website down, and nobody is ever going to spread falsehoods about it online either. In Their Own Words

The right tools to keep your website safe. Keeping your website secure by actively monitoring for malware and vulnerabilities that hackers exploit.

Why It Might Be A Killer

When combined, the services provided by this company should be enough to cover most scenarios any online retailer could ever need assistance with.

Some Questions About

How much do these services retail for? Are there different subscriptions levels?