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Sparknotes.comThis website provides students with free online study guides in order to help achieve their academic goals. It provides students with summaries and insightful critical analysis of a nearly endless range of subjects including English literature, history, math and science and plenty of more subjects.

It offers hundreds of study guides for free to read on the web and if students want they can download the one that fits better depending on their needs. The writers of spark notes are top students or recent graduates who specialize in the subjects they cover. It also offers a category in which students can prepare their tests by practicing a similar test and discuss on message boards anything in order to obtain great scores. In Their Own Words

“SparkNotes books and exist to help students learn and practice basic skills, write a paper, study for a test and achieve their academic goals. We believe that doing well in school and learning is its own reward, and that learning is more than just getting a diploma from a brand name college.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is the perfect place for those students who want to improve their academic scores. As the notes and summaries given there are from top students it is easier to understand the main idea of the subject because they are written in a very accessible and east vocabulary.

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Students are able to download for free any text that appears on the site? What happens if the notes written there are from a very good student but are reallydifficult to understand? Students are able to know the author’s practice test or notes?