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SparkHire.comPaper resumes are out. Online resumes are in. It’s been like that for some time already, and now the gap is getting wider. Spark Hire is a site that lets you not only list all of your qualifications online, but also tell the world about them by uploading your own videos. This can be done for free, and once your profile has been created then you just have to share the link with these employers you’re trying to get to hire you.

For its part, HR managers can use this service to conduct online interviews with candidates. If your work involves hiring people, then you know already how useful something like this can be. You know which candidates are a good fit for any open position the minute you see them. That’s the way it’s always been. And candidates can but find a service like this appealing, since they won’t have to drive their cars or take a bus to get interviewed. They’ll do everything from their front rooms if that’s what they want.

And when it comes to people like consultants, then these can use Spark Hire to showcase their portfolios, and connect face to face with their clients. They’ll not only provide them with a much speedier service, but also beat their competitors by taking their prices down. Which is what happens when a service can be provided without having to travel to the other side of town, of course. In Their Own Words

Use innovative video features to search, apply, and interview for jobs like never before. Create your FREE Profile and Video today.

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How long can these video profiles be? Can you split them in different sections if you want to?