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Sparked.comJust because people are not actually helping a charity you should not assume they are selfish. In most cases, they do care about helping others. But they just lack the time. Or do they? If you think about it, people spend a lot of time on social sites like Facebook each week. It is one of the ways they have of connecting with the friends and acquaintances that they can never see during the day. Now, imagine that they could help others when doing so. That would be terrific.

And it turns out that is exactly what this new initiative is all about. Sparked is a network where people volunteer themselves to do micro-jobs. These are jobs that are dealt with in a couple of minutes, maybe even less. For example, a micro-job can be saying what they think about a logo that has been created. Or they can be asked for their ideas in order to raise funds in impoverished areas.

A service such as this one is tailor-made for small companies that have a lot of enthusiasm but not a lot of resources. Volunteer programs have already worked out for many Fortune 500 companies. And now, Sparked brings Facebook into the equation. It can but yield some really tangible results. In Their Own Words

The micro-volunteering network.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to do something for those in need, without having to spend a tremendous amount of time or change your routine significantly.

Some Questions About

Is this the first site of this nature to have been created?