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Sparkbliss.comAre you always playing the role of cupid, matching your friends up making great connections? If you are the ultimate matchmaker you should continue your good deeds at


It works like this: each member develops a private network of trusted friends and family who can view his/her profile and make romantic introductions on their behalf. Members have complete control over who they invite into their private network. Some people add as many connections as possible, while others are more conservative. Adding “super connectors,” those people that seem to know everybody maximizes your ability to discover your soul mate.

Registering with Sparkbliss takes seconds. Sparkbliss supports many web emails and networks so you can easily import your contacts. You can then choose which contacts you want to add to your private network by sending an invitation. You can then start introducing your friends. You can add a testimonial when you make an introduction such as “Jane, you and Bob both love summer sports, you should definitely go biking sometime.” Users can upload a photo and give a short and sweet bio plus you can connect to external links such as LinkedIn and YouTube. Join to meet great people and discover meaningful companionship. In Their Own Words

Sparkbliss offers a private and safe approach to online dating that leverages what has always been the best way to meet people – introductions from your circle of friends. In fact “63% of married couples met through a network of friends” according to a recent Temple University study.

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface. It is great that you can link your bio to your other networks. Adding your connections is simple because you can import all of your contacts from your email and networks. The match making idea is perfect because many couples meet through friends of friends. Honestly who knows you better than your friends? At you can really have fun matching people up.

Some Questions About

There are so many dating networks , how will deal with competition? Some testimonials would be a great way to promote the site.


Author : Charly Zaks

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