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Spamblockerutility.comIf you are looking for a safer and more fun Internet experience, then check out this site. Spam Blocker Utility offers you everything from an Anti-Spam Tool, to Up-to-Date Weather Info, to Email Backgrounds and Emoticons.


It is easily integrated into the Browser or Outlook toolbar you already have. This tool is compatible with most Internet enhancers. There are several benefits of the Anti-Spam Tool: it automatically blocks spam emails, saves money by reducing time and wasted bandwidth, gets you the right mail messages. It is also easy to use and maintenance free and it has a sound option to notify you when spam emails are being blocked. If you are using a Webmail like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail be sure that you can still use all the great email features of your Spam Blocker Utility Toolbar, like Emoticons and eCards. This tool can be downloaded from the site and you don’t need to pay for it.

Author : Caroline Bright

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