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Spactor.comIf you like to monitor the media sphere, or perhaps if that’s your bread and butter, Spactor’s exactly the search tool you’ve been craving for. One caveat, thought, this is a work completely aus Deutschland, so if you don’t speak German, it may have little to hold your interest.


Spactor scans over 25 German-speaking TV and radio channels, keeping track of keywords making their way around the media waves. Media clipping, as it is known, gives companies a firm method for controlling public image, media and relations. It is also a highly practical means of determining market conditions and analyzing the competition. A look this week’s keywords gives us, Irak, geld (money), arbeit (work), Bayern (quaint, conservative southern state), and Bush among others. Spactor can be added to your browser search bar, and they offered more customized versions for companies. In Their Own Words

“ is real-time search within more than 75 german speaking TV and radio channels.
Easily. Quickly. For Free! is part of, the german speaking media clipping service portal for business use.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Spactor is a very handy tool for those in the media or public relations biz in Europe. It could also prove quite effective for professors or media/cultural studies students, as it provides for easy access to popular memes and phrases during a specified time.

Some Questions About

Will Spactor expand to include other languages? Accuracy? Does it have more analysis tools in the works

Author : Siri Marshall

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