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Space Chimp Makes Hiring Top Freelancers As Easy As Peeling A Banana

An overhaul of mobile design, an explainer video, infographics for the new marketing campaign… the needs of a startup are endless. Usually, the same can not be said for resources, which is why so many startups build out from a lean model as they go.


Though plenty of founders try, it’s not ideal to do everything alone. Agencies cost way too much, and a traditional staff often falls outside the budget. This scenario makes freelancers the best option for help, which raises plenty of other concerns.


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The one thing for sure that no one ever has enough of: time. Finding the right freelancer often proves a terrible chore – screening candidates, testing how well you work together, agreeing to terms, etc. And as anyone who has looked for freelance help knows, the freelance workforce is rapidly expanding, making it even harder to locate true talent.


Space Chimp puts an end to the rigmarole, offering a service that makes hiring freelancers simple, effective, and painless.


For starters, Space Chimp vets all the talent included on the platform. Instead of a vast array of workers with a wide range of varying skill, Space Chimp works with only the top 1% of marketing, design, and development talent. To make life even better, Space Chimp zeroes in on the top three applicants suitable for any project.


So, turning to Space Chimp is almost the same as turning to a trusted employee for help, only assistance is on-demand – more practical and flexible for businesses whose needs change frequently.


Space Chimp serves as much more than a matchmaker. They help evaluate the needs for any project, and see to it that clients make progress toward milestones. They track hours, make payments easy (as you go, of course!), and facilitate smooth collaboration on the platform (e.g., real-time messaging).


Another distinguishing feature that could be easy to overlook is that Space Chimp lets people hire privately – your business is your business after all, and why let the competition catch wind of what you’re working on? Plus, give those angel investors a betters sense that you run a seamless operation by keeping freelance hires discrete.


For the best freelancers out there, Space Chimp is a dream come true. The platform is a great place to stand out from the riffraff, avoid the race to the lowest wages that the huge platforms typically fuel. Quality projects with great partners, brought to you without effort or competition, and no squabbling over hourly pay – this is the sound of the angel’s harp to the freelancer’s ear.


Freelance should be a win for both sides. Businesses enlist creative, technical talent to fit their needs, and talented individuals have the freedom to work on great projects of their choosing. Seldom has the exchange proven so sunny. Space Chimp looks to make freelance as awesome for everyone as it should be. If you’re looking to hire technical freelance talent and skip all the hassles, or you have the chops to deliver the best help to brands and businesses, check out


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Author : Keith Liles

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