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Established in the late 60s, Southwest Airlines is one of the main low-cost carriers in the US. The company is headquartered in Texas, and it currently operates scheduled services to more than 40 States. And on its website (, you can not only read the airline’s full history, but also learn about special offers and travel deals.

On, you can book both flights and hotels for less than it would cost you if you resorted to a travel agency. And the site also lets you rent a car at each and every spot you’re going to visit along the way. You must pick your destination, and the dates you’ll be staying there to get started. Once you have entered that information, then you’ll be able to see which flights and rooms are available, and which car rental companies are close to these places you’ll be staying at.

Of course, you must also supply information like which kind of trip you’ll be making (IE, “round trip” or “one-way”), the star rating of the hotel you’d feel comfortable staying at, and the kind of vehicle you want (“Economy”, “Compact”, “Luxury”… it all depends on who you’ll be travelling with).

In any case, the site has got a travel guide which lets you know about these places that other customers of the company have already visited, and that they’d have no qualms recommending to others.

And if you always take SouthWest flights to travel around the country, then you can know which prizes you could get in exchange for these points you have accumulated on the section named “Rapid Rewards”. A full color catalog is featured there, for you to browse through products and easily pick the ones you like.

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