– Share The Music You Listen To

SoundTracking.comWhen you think about it, the lack of applications letting you share the music that you are listening to in real time is quite disconcerting. I mean, we have apps and tools for sharing everything from status updates (Twitter) and our location (FourSquare) to these images we have just taken (Instagram). And there is no comparable application as far as music is concerned, notwithstanding the importance that it has in our lives.

Well, that is set to change with the release of Sound Tracking. This new iPhone app will let you share the music that you are listening to by creating something comparable to a postcard which details where you are, and why you are listening to that song at that time.

Built-in support with iTunes means the person who gets this postcard will be able to listen to its first 30 seconds, and then buy it right away if he wants to listen to the rest. And the Sound Tracking application itself can be downloaded for free at the App Store. In Their Own Words

Share the sountrack to your life.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Even when music is a key part of our lives, there are no apps letting us share what we are listening to in real time (and why we are listening to it) like this one does.

Some Questions About

Will the Sound Tracking app always remain free to use?