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SoundPushr.comSoundPushr is a visual search engine that has one clear objective, which is to enable people to surf through musical and visual contents without any specific goal in mind. In order to use the site you must key in an artist’s name or choose one from the list that is featured on the main page.

These include big names like R.E.M., Green Day and Nirvana along with many who hail from the British Isles such as Oasis and their former sworn-enemies Blur, not to mention luminaries such as The Beatles and David Bowie.

Once you pick up an artist, a selection of videos showcasing that artist’s oeuvre is produced, along with similar artists’ recommendations. The site also links to online stores like Amazon, so if you liked what you listened to or watched you can always buy it with a minimum of hassle and support the artist in question.

This site has just started out, but it already stands as a good way of learning more about artists you are fond of, or artists you have heard about yet never listened to. It will be interesting to see which features are going to be added in the future. In Their Own Words

“This mashed-up tool does nothing more than what I love to do on the web since more than 10 years: surfing through musical and visual contents without any goal in mind.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a viable way of learning about alternative artists, as well as brushing up on the ones you already like.

Some Questions About

Is the site focused on one particular style of music, or can I find information spanning all genres whatsoever?

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