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Soundation.comIf you have to use your computer for any multimedia project, this new website can turn out to provide more than enough backing. In essence, it is a browser-based sequencer that can be employed in order to create not only music and audio clips but also media such as ringtones.


The sequencer comes complete with a mixtable which enables you to do loop edition as well as automating any track that you are creating. I find it amazing how supple it all is, but by now I am accustoming myself to the level of versatility that any Web 2.0 application bears by default.

The site is in beta right now, but there is already an impressive amount of audio loops and editing tools to get going. In fact, there are no less than 400 loops on offer. That will be more than enough for assembling a reputable piece (and more). Consequently, if you have to tackle any project or just want to have a cool ringtone to go with (and one which bears your very own input at that) it is safe to say a tool like this one will let you indulge yourself. In Their Own Words

“Soundation Studio is the web based sequencer that enables you to make music, ringtones and audio clips directly from the internet without downloading any software. This beta version includes over 400 royalty free audio loops, 9 different effects, track automation, basic loop editing, loop audition, master channel control and mix down to desktop. Please give this beta a go and let us know your impressions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an incredibly supple tool, complete with enough loops to make any project come to fruition.

Some Questions About

Will this always be a free tool?

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