– Date People Who Go Where You Go

Soulseekr.comSoulseekr is a new dating site, and it attempts to leave its mark by letting users actually meet people to go out with based on these places they like. This Chicago-based startup queries Facebook for your name, age, gender and orientation, and it also scans Facebook Places for all your past check-ins. The idea is that using all that data it should be able to pair people who share the same interests. People who love immersing themselves in books should be easily identifiable, and the same goes for those who like to hit the same nightclub weekend after weekend, and the ones who are keen on playing any sport.

And since the application goes through the Facebook profiles of users, the matching should be all the more accurate. Think about it, Soulseekr can not only pair people who love reading, but also people who happen to like the same writers. And it can also couple people who love any sport, and who support the very same teams.

Personally, there’s no doubt on my mind that dating sites will all end up using social data just like Soulseekr does. It’s not just a matter of letting people sign in easier, it is actually something that goes into ensuring the authenticity of who one is going to come across when finally deciding to go out. And in the case of Soulseekr, people are even given the chance to meet at a place they both know, and which they are keen on visiting. In Their Own Words

Soulseekr is a new way to meet people at your favorite places.

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Will Facebook ever provide an officially-sanctioned app for doing this?