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Soul2Match.comWhat’s the true weight that looks have on any relationship? Is focusing on the inside really fruitful when one is looking for his perfect match? That can be argued from dawn till dusk, with both sides coming up with some substantial opinions. But (like some poet once said), the fact remains the first kiss two people give each other is never with their lips. Rather, the first time a couple kisses is with their eyes. Physical attraction is what sets any relationship into motion. That can’t really be refuted. And those who claim that the role looks have on a relationship go well beyond that are going to really like this website.

Soul2Match is a dating site where people are matched based on one simple thing: their looks. On this site, anybody can upload a picture of himself/herself and have that matched with people who are true look-a-likes.

That is all that has to be done on this site. On, people are not asked to fill out a single form. All it takes for the matching process to be carried out is uploading a picture.

Personally, I find it all quite interesting for a change. I’m sure those who are tired of answering endless questions and submitting forms on other dating sites will be more than willing to try something this direct and fast. In Their Own Words

The only website that matches inside and outside.

Some Questions About

How effective can such a matching method really turn out to be? What’s the feedback the company has got so far?