Sooom Puts Internal Deliveries On The Fastest Possible Track

After waiting 20 minutes for a bus last week, two showed up at the stop, one after the other. Because everyone had been waiting along the route, the first was full and the second empty. What a dumb, inefficient way to move people around, I thought (among a number of more colorful curses I had for the system).


Unfortunately, many businesses operate with similar, shameful waste. When it comes to deliveries and moving internal supplies around, they have a giant empty bus ruining their bottom dollar and putting everyone behind schedule, only they can’t see it.


Sooom takes “the hassle out of organizing and tracking deliveries, from bringing food to the elderly to moving goods around a factory, saving money and time in the process.” Their optimization algorithms expose inefficiencies, helping companies to improve their manual route planning by as much as 50%.





More good news: it only takes minutes to set up and doesn’t require any installations or systems overhauls. Sooom works with tech already in place, but gives companies greater transparency into their order processing from end to end, enabling them to make deliveries as efficiently as mathematically possible.


Sooom takes delivery orders and automatically determines the best way to maximize resources so that all deliveries are moved around swiftly. This applies in any scenario where multiple drivers are tasked with moving goods and materials. For example, sooom can better coordinate forklift drivers moving things around a compound or a fleet of delivery drivers carrying packages to customers spread out over a wide region.


A simple dashboard empowers managers to see all the orders in the system and know where deliveries are in the process and at all times, while basic web forms allow for inputting orders quickly. A mobile app (available in both iOS and Android) facilitates communication between management and drivers.


“As soon as managers start adding orders, these orders are assigned to drivers and displayed on their mobile devices. Drivers perform the delivery and confirm it on the mobile device. Orders are assigned automatically in a way to minimize travel distance for all drivers and thus save money, time, and the environment.”




The data gathered by sooom – number of deliveries, breakdown locations, most used routes, time per delivery, driver performance, etc. – provides more insights into operations so that companies can make necessary adjustments to increase productivity.


Sooom offers a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, SaaS solution for internal logistics problems previously beyond the technical capacity or budget of smaller businesses. Closed beta signup is currently underway. For more details about about a subscription and how anyone can use sooom to organize, optimize, and improve their internal deliveries, visit


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