– Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

SonyEricsson.comIn these days nearly everyone knows about Sony Ericsson, probably one of the most known mobile phone company in the world. Well, this is the official website of Sony Ericsson.

Once you enter the site you will first have the option to choose your region or most specified, your country. This website provides all the information about the company and their products. Checkout all their products and even get to buy them online at no shipping cost. Checkout for example their latest phones which are the W890i, the W380a, the W960i, the Z750a, the K850i, the T650i and others. You may also get to learn about mobile photography at their site and about mobile to PC file transfer. Surf through the I Have a Sony Ericsson mobile phone section and gain fun and downloads (ringtones, games, images, videos, themes etc), product support, accessories, and a member area which provides member benefits, free online storage and tools. Also seek into their complete phone catalog and see what phone best suits you and get to buy it online.