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SongSeek.netSongSeek is a new portal that enables any user to find music and stream it online. This music service makes it possible for you to make up playlists with your best-loved tunes and share them with the world at large via widgets.


These can be embedded both on your personal website or blog. Of course, you can also put them up on your social service of choice.

The opening screen comprises a search tool that constitutes the backbone of the whole process. After you have conducted a search and created your playlist, you are ready to share it in any of the ways described above.

Registration to the site itself comes at no cost, and it is dealt with in an uncomplicated fashion. You simply have to set down some account particulars, and then you can get started.

Services such as this one will always come under scrutiny owing to the effect they have on actual music sales. The truth is that they provide a true window of discovery which popularizes bands that might go unnoticed otherwise, and die-hards and true fans are always bound to buy the albums anyway. In Their Own Words

“SongSeek is a Web 2.0 company that provides widgets for myspace and facebook. We are a search engine for music files that provides our users with flash playlists that allows users of social networking websites to put more music on their profiles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers anybody an instant chance of knowing what is going on in the worldwide music scene.

Some Questions About

How is the database actually conformed?

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