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Inspired by the classic “Guitar Pulls” of the musical past, in which artists would get together to present new music to the group, and to generally celebrate and raise spirits. Songpull both houses the content that is recorded during their interpretation of a guitar pull- a song pull- and facilitates the gatherings in an effort to bring more new and original content to the music scene.


Each video features a brief interview with the musician about their inspiration for the song, and then films them as they perform. The site also features charts, showcasing the songs that have garnered the most activity and provoked the most comments. In Their Own Words

“ is the website that’s used to introduce unique songpulls and individual pullers to music lovers around the world. Because has a worldwide audience and will be structured in such a way that songs are rated by the members on many levels, it will ensure that certain songs will begin to rise in rank and therefore be seen by more and more people. This could include people in the music industry looking for brand new artists or brand new songs!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Songpull does not just introduce users to new music; it presents artists and their work using a unique framework that is fun and interesting to watch. Moreover, the interview elements at the beginning of each video capture a personal side of the artist that is missing when you simply download a song.

Some Questions About

Given that this is a virtual arena, why are there no online songpulls?

Author : Mery Fisher

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