Renewability: Five Exciting Examples of Solar Energy Startups

Solar energy is the wave of the future. It provides a cost-efficient alternative to electrical energy, while at the same time also doing the planet a world of good. So it should be no surprise, then, that there are a number of solar energy startup companies around.

But out of so many (last count was well over 600), what are the best ones to go with? Here’s a rundown of five solar energy startup companies to keep an eye on as the market heats up!

Element Solar

It’s not enough to install a solar energy panel at someone’s house and then they know how to use it. They have to be properly notified how it all works, in an effort to learn its utmost benefits. Element Solar is a solar energy startup that knows how to do this.

The company not only provides solar energy solutions around the world, but also works on what they call “sustainability education.” It works more on a renewable energy angle, one in which they give back as much as the panels may provide. That means donating 250 watts of clean energy across third world countries in need. It also intends to plant 200 trees with each new system that it tackles, doing much more for the environment than expected.

Integrity Solar

A solar energy startup with integrity? This company puts it right there in their name, so obviously they mean it.

The company leader is David Thomason, who knows all about taking care of the planet. A veteran and former fire team member, he’s all about taking care of others. That’s why he runs his business as something that gives to its employees, as well as its community.

What’s more, David makes sure that his business is balanced for anyone in need. That means making sure pricing is solid across the board, and also attaining good business to keep reviews positive. What’s more, he doesn’t mind partnering up with other companies to assure that its solar business makes a difference.

Anyone can name their company with the word “Integrity” in it, but David always assures that there’s meaning with his. That makes them a solar energy startup worth recommending.


While this company may not have the word “solar” in its name, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in solar knowledge. In fact, this solar energy startup knows its way around saving money for consumers with effective, cost-reduced programs.
It deals with solar and other environmentally safe products to help build solutions for all types of customers. In addition, it uses digital means to figure them out, with a number of tools that utilize proprietary technology. This gives the consumer an idea of just how much they’re saving using their business.

It also has a mobile app that allows these customers to keep track of everything related to their solar solution. This includes keeping track of how much energy it’s using, figuring out what needs maintenance, and so on. It’s one of the reasons why this solar energy startup is a winner.

Boundless Inc.

Having one of the coolest names for a solar company out there, Boundless has the benefit of being a newbie. Having first established in 2020, this solar energy startup grew quite a bit over the last couple of years.

That includes helping consumers find the most affordable solar energy plans, as well as providing free smart home integration. This, in turn, would educate customers on keeping a closer eye on what energy is used, and what’s available.

What’s great about Boundless, however, isn’t just its name. It’s also its generosity. Since it began operations, the company has donated money from each job to GivePower Foundation. Because of this, it’s provided 3,000+ people around the world with a better means for water and electric. It’s that kind of giving back that makes Boundless a solar energy startup without limits.


Not to be confused with the Adam Sandler movie of the same name, Klick knows what it’s doing as a solar energy startup. Beginning its business just three years ago, it’s been a big hit with its customers.

It not only helps them with finding the most affordable and worthwhile energy solutions. It also educates as much as it works, so that those taking advantage of such technology know how to use it properly. It’s also striving to create new pricing plans so that everyone can afford solar energy – and that’s a solution a lot of us could use right now.

Its growth will likely continue in the years ahead, especially as it adopts more tools of the trade. Don’t be surprised if Klick becomes a household name in just a few years’ time. Heck, maybe even a few months. Not bad for a little solar energy startup!