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Sola Is The World’s First Body Temperature Regulating Wearable

Having grown up in Vermont, I know all too well what bitter, bitter cold feels like. The kind of cold that freezes your boogers in your nose and hurts your lungs when you breath. The kind of cold that makes you run from the house to the pre-heated car to your office or school as fast as you can, risking injury on the ice.


Jason Yakimovich grew up in Canada and therefore also knows how terrible that kind of cold truly is. I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that Jason knew folks who used those little portable, snap-on heaters in their mittens and boots because his company, Sola, reminds me of a high-tech version of them.


sola landing


Sola is the world’s first wearable that regulates the wearer’s body temperature. It’s a little portable heater, worn on your arm, that keeps track of how cold you are and can increase your body temperature by as much 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Sola warms blood as it flows through the wearer’s arm, creating a slight increase in body temperature that can make a big difference in frigid temperatures.


The device is made from medical-grade silicone and laser-cut neoprene fabric. It’s also USB-chargeable, has an LED indicator, premium neoprene construction, and one-button operation for simple use. It also comes with built-in safety features: Sola will shut down if there’s too much current; the battery comes with built-in current and voltage protection; and the smart monitoring system monitors temperature and current, and will shut the device down if either goes higher than what is safe.


Sola is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, looking to raise $100,000 to help them bring Sola to the shivering masses. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the world’s first body temperature regulating wearable, head over and check out their campaign. If you’re quick enough, you might even catch one of their Early Bird offers, which saves you $40 off the projected retail price.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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