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SoCruise – Social Networking for the Cruise Lover

SoCruiseDo you love to go on cruises annually? Did you meet someone special on last year´s cruise to the Bahamas but have since lost contact? Do you want to meet others who share your same passion for sailing in luxury? If you answered yes to any of these questions, SoCruise is the online social networking site perfect for you. Recently launched, it provides a plethora of everything cruise related, from finding the best prices for upcoming cruises to reviewing your favourite, or least favourite, cruise lines.


You can create a network of friends from your past cruises and upload photos of your times at sea. It´s possible to ask questions and share experiences in the website´s open forum and there´s even an entire page dedicated to getting you started for your very first cruise experience.

SoCruise In Their Own Words

¨Socruise is a cruise community website where you can write reviews, ask questions in our forums and share your photographs online, or search our many cruise holidays and offers.

Join up today and start contributing. You can find all the latest news and information on cruise vacations you have planned. Ask questions on our forum or share your snaps. Whether your a first time cruiser or an experienced traveller we will have something to offer.¨

Why SoCruise It Might Be A Killer

For those that love cruises, this website is extraordinary. Finally there´s a social site where you can find others who share your desire to vacation on the ocean. And if you´re looking for a great deal, SoCruise can help you out every step of the way. I especially found the ¨First Cruise¨ page useful for I´ve never been on a cruise before and it clearly outlines exactly what to expect and how to prepare. However, the site design makes me think that it is all about selling cruise packages instead of truly being the networking site it promises to be. SoCruise needs to better clarify what it´s objective truly is.

Some Questions About SoCruise

How can SoCruise make their objectives clearer? Is there a space for a blog to be included? How can SoCruise change it´s homepage to make it less like a site for selling airplane tickets? SoCruise

Author : Caroline Bright

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