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SocketApp.comThese companies that provide services or that manufacture items are not really well-covered by e-cart applications, since the services they are offering are not truly quantifiable in the same way that physical items are. They need something like this – an app that makes for building customized online quote forms. These will let them automate the process in which sales quotes are generated, and how orders are processed.


Basically, when using SocketApp companies can provide their customers with an interface they can use to create their own quotes. That is, customers can customize their orders to the very last detail, and upon doing so they will receive a branded PDF with a link letting them purchase everything securely.

And companies are further benefited since SocketApp has really powerful reporting capabilities. The closing ratios of sales and the interest of products can be easily measured, and there is even more to the application since leads can be thoroughly managed. Managers will be able to assign sales to the right people within their teams, and track how professionally everything is being handled. In Their Own Words

Socket is an online quoting system that allows companies such as service providers or manufacturers to quote and sell online. Until now, these companies have relied on manually generating sales quotes and processing orders offline.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let providers of services and manufacturers handle orders in a way that is smooth and uncomplicated.

Some Questions About

What else can this application do?

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