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Socialstreams.Livelabs.comAre you one for the latest political developments? If that is so, no one could really blame you – not after seeing how the political campaign is nearing its climax. As you realize, there is more than a fair share of sites and blogs out there that can give you all the information you are interested in.


Trouble is, browsing through them all can be too time consuming to be enjoyable. Enter a website like Political Streams. This particular site can be found at, and it basically gives you real-time information as regards political news which surface on the net.

The information on offer aims to provide the user with the means for understanding how the mainstream and social media are discussing both issues and people of note. This is achieved by a ranking system which takes into account the interest the information arouses online.

As far as navigation is concerned, the site is subdivided into a handful of categories that focus on the specific media covered and which go by self-explanatory names such as “News Attention” and “Blogs Attention”. Moreover, there are “People Attention” and “Places Attention” subcategories to ensure you will find what you want straight away. In Their Own Words

“Political Streams is an application which mines social media content in real time for political discussion. It surfaces the news articles and documents that are being discussed as well as the people and places that appear in those articles. In addition, it provides related information for any news article, weblog post, person or place.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is and excellent way of keeping track of the latest political developments.

Some Questions About

With which frequency is the information refreshed?

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