– Staying Abreast Of The Social Stream

SocialState.comSocial Media is a young site that aims to become the premier social media aggregator on the WWW today. It is geared both towards individual users and businessmen that want to stay fully abreast of any change that comes about and which is manifested in the social stream.

As everybody knows, the amount of updates there is characterized by its rapid rate.

On the site, the latest news are collated and the headlines are presented to the reader for him to remain posted on what is going on without having to visit umpteen sites in order not to miss a thing.

In addition to letting you keep fully posted on the most notable news that emerge, the site doubles as a social media directory and a calendar of events that are related to the social web. And you can also submit an event of your own to be added to the list easily.

Lastly, a social forum is also part of the premises. It effectively ensures that communication among the ones keen on the topic at hand will be carried out effortlessly, and in a rounded fashion. In Their Own Words

“Social media is evolving at an extraordinary pace, where it can be an unwieldy task to stay fully informed with all that is going on in the space. Social State™ is the premier social media aggregator, developed to help individuals and businesses alike manage the ever-changing state of the social media industry.

As news outlets report the very latest social media buzz, Social State™ publishes the headline, along with its corresponding link; eliminating having to visit multiple sites throughout the day. In addition to staying abreast of all that is taking place in the social media industry, Social State™ also manages one of the most comprehensive social media directories and event calendars online. If you know of a site or conference that is not currently listed on Social State™, please email us the information so we can check it out.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Aggregators are always useful, and when it boils down to something as dynamic as social news they are a necessity. This one also has a satisfying range of additional tools on offer like a forum and a calendar of events, too.

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