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SocialSplash.comSocialSplash is the next generation social networking site where members connect and keep in touch with friends. While on SocialSplash, members can communicate with others, share photos, videos, blogs, create groups, and more.

SocialSplash is fun, entertaining, and free. SocialSplash is for everyone: friends that want to talk online, singles that want to meet other singles, families that want to keep in touch, people that are interested in networking, or anyone looking for a long lost friend. They’re dedicated to bringing people together and making it easy to communicate all over the World. In Their Own Words

“Have some fun on SocialSplash! Take a quiz or survey, share your results with friends! Create a funny photo with SplashPix.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SocialSplash rewards each member with Splash Points after they accomplish something on the website. You can earn Splash Points from simple activities such as: uploading a photo, posting a blog, or participating in the forums. Splash Points can then be exchanged for awesome gifts. No catch, no fees, just exchange for free gift and they’ll send it right to your doors. SocialSplash rewards its members.

Some Questions About

How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people? Will they organize their content more or better so that it is more easily accessible?