– Look After Your Children On Facebook

SocialShield.comLike anything that becomes so popular, Facebook has attracted the attention of people we wouldn’t want anything to do with in the physical world. As grown-ups we can always recognize anything that is not really what it seems to be, but our children can’t, and if they sign up for Facebook (something that has become commonplace, if only because Facebook has already been touted by many as the future of the Internet) then that is something to worry about.

And that is why we have tools like Social Shield available – tools that have been devised to let parents sleep easy on the fact that their children are socializing on Facebook.

In the particular case of Social Shield, what this web-based tool does is to scan the account of a child and let his parents know about any activity that they may need to take action on. That could be anything, from cyberbullying to friends who might not be who they claim to be. The analysis is very supple, as it check the friends of any child against more than 100 data points and 50 different social networks. And it also checks all national and local databases of sex offenders. In Their Own Words

“Smart tools for smart parents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let parents save time by analyzing the social activity of their children for them, and highlighting anything that might need their direct intervention.

Some Questions About

How does it fare in relation to other applications that do something comparable?