Are You Ready For Double-Digit Jumps In Your Conversion Rates?

Seldom do startup founders have the resources for the marketing that would best serve their efforts. Time to put together campaigns, coding skills, the agility to adapt to mobile, and money of course – you name it, founders are in a bind and often let marketing efforts go by the wayside as a result.


Meet SocialPro – The Fast & Easy Way To Launch Social Media Marketing Campaigns [Best In Beta]




SocialPro ( has the potential to help founders leap past these hurdles and put together the marketing they need easily and effectively. This digital marketing platform is designed to make launching social media marketing campaigns a cinch for designers, businesses, or ad agencies. Create social galleries and hashtag-powered campaigns that work.


Social Galleries

Display striking visual content using SocialPro that’s ready to view throughout social feeds – Facebook, websites, blogs, in addition to store displays or event materials. An attractive gallery encourages people to check out your goods and engage with your brand.




#The hashtag effect

Nothing makes it easier to share content or creates a buzz faster than the mighty little hashtag. For organizing content, creating groups, or amplifying conversation – the hashtag does the trick. SocialPro wisely puts the hashtag to good use, integrating it as a front and center piece of campaigns, rather than go about trying to reinvent the wheel with each marketing run.


No Code Required

Business owners have the option of using templates or custom designs to build their campaigns. The great news here – both require no greater sophistication than the ability to drag & drop. (If this is beyond you, do yourself a favor and pursue an offline career.)




Designs are responsive, which means that they work on both websites and, more importantly, mobile devices. A mobile editor gives creators the freedom to put together campaigns quickly even while on the go.


Save Your Dough

Forget hiring an expensive marketing agency. (Although if you belong to one, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take advantage of SocialPro to make your workday a helluva lot easier.) SocialPro not only has what you need to put together campaigns, but also has the capacity to conduct A/B testing and the built-in analytics that show what is and isn’t working, so that you can go with what strengthens your business and ditch the rest – without having had to risk a huge chunk of your operating budget.


Currently, SocialPro is offering a 20% discount for early subscribers. Visit to learn more about how it can make your next marketing campaigns a breeze or to receive notification when the company launches.


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