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SocialPayout.comMany claim that the efficacy of ad blocks is dwindling since people have become accustomed to their presence, to the point they have learned not to give them a second glance. Of course, not giving them a second glance also means not clicking on them. And that means sleepless nights for many an advertiser out there.


Whether such a thing is really happening, now, is something that can be debated. But those of you who seriously believe that your visitors are bypassing your ads will put this new service to excellent use. Social Payout is not an advertising platform, but a referral one. Users of Social Payout will be able to add buttons to their sites for visitors to recommend and endorse what they do all over Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

And how are users encouraged to use these buttons? Easy: they get a reward for doing so. Each time they use any of these buttons to spread the word about any service or product, they will get a small giveaway such as an ebook, a pdf file, a coupon or a discount code. Simple, fast and (above all) effective. In Their Own Words

Use the Power of the Social Networks to Go Viral. SocialPayout buttons are sophisticated viral marketing tools that gently persuade your customers and visitors to give you referrals.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is always good to have alternatives for monetizing content.

Some Questions About

Could something like this really supersede Google Adsense and Facebook-type ads? Will people feel the need to make such a move right now?

Author : Roger Hollings

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