– Tracking Brands On The Social Web

SocialMediaV.comSocialMediaV is a new platform that enables users to index social media studies of both personal and corporate brands, and share social media projects more or less instantly. Moreover, a search functionality lets internauts follow and remain posted on what any brand is doing on the social web (IE, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace…).

As a result, the site includes three main categories that go by the names of “Corporate

Brands”, “Digital PR Agencies” and “Personal Brands”. For its part, the provided search tool enables you to specify any given social site or carry a search in all of them at once.

The main page also includes a chart which showcases the most linked social sites from the featured ones, but the results are not really that surprising.

Signing up is accomplished in a straightforward way, and once an account has been created you can proceed to set up your brand. Eventually, if you do particularly well it might make it to the homepage and be listed alongside the most popular ones for all to see. In Their Own Words

“Track brands on social media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a site gives anybody a clearer picture of how brands are transposing in the social web. Those searching for case studies will have their fill in here.

Some Questions About

Are widgets provided on the site for you to embed at will and showcases how your brand is faring?