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SocialLinks.coWhen you think about it, the way in which hyperlinking is handled has changed very little over the years, notwithstanding how the presentation of online content itself has developed. And that is what this new service is here to address. Better late than never, I suppose…

Basically, Social Links is a service that lets you do more with hyperlinks. Users of Social Links will turn every external link on their sites into something richer and more articulate. For every hyperlink that is featured, a small popup window will be displayed letting users know more about the destination site, and (in most cases) saving them the hassle of trying out sites that really have nothing to do with what they are looking for.

Obviously, having links that are more informative and meaningful can but make browsing the Web a far more purposeful experience for everybody. Time is saved, and so is effort.

Social Links can be implemented simply by copying and embedding a chunk of code into your website. In Their Own Words

Get more out of your links.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that gives people a chance to access online content more accurately is naturally valuable.

Some Questions About

What else is this service good for? Which other uses have already been envisioned by its creators?

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