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SocialGift.comThe Social Web makes it so easy to buy gifts for our friends that it is hard not to wince when we think on how frustrating the whole process was before Facebook et all came along. In days gone by, we had to make multiple calls back and forth in order to determine which gifts would be the best for our friends, and then start collecting the money in a way that could only be described as painstaking.

Well, now things work in exactly the opposite way. The fact of being able to connect with our friends over social services makes figuring out what to buy and how to split the costs an absolute piece of cake. A site like SocialGift certainly does.

On you are enabled to buy gifts for birthdays, holidays and every other comparable event in just two easy steps. You have to select the gift to be bought from the provided store, and then invite friends to contribute. When all the money has been put down, then the item will be shipped straight to its recipient. If this doesnt make for a smoother gift buying experience, then nothing will. In Their Own Words

Buying a gift? Split the cost?

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way to pick cool gifts for your loved ones, and split the cost in a fair way.

Some Questions About

How often are new items added to the online store? Can people request new ones be added?