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SocialGenie – Make Your Wishes Come True

SocialGenieSocial Genie is a new application that will let you tap into your social graph in order to make your wishes come true. That is, this app lets you tell those in your social circle what it is you wish to receive as a gift when any special date comes around (such as your birthday or anniversary), and then all your friends will be able to make donations via PayPal.


Wishes are created within seconds, using a supple interactive tool that works entirely on the browser. And in addition to describing exactly what you want and why you want it you are allowed to include media in order to make it clearer for everybody exactly why you are so keen on getting that item.

As a service, Social Genie can be used by any person who has both a Facebook and a PayPal account. PayPal fees apply, and the user of the service has to tip Social Genie 1 % of the transaction. But there are no other charges or expenses to speak of.

SocialGenie In Their Own Words

My name is Social Genie and I am here to grant your wishes.

Why SocialGenie It Might Be A Killer

It is a fresh and direct way to get what you want. I mean, is there a better place than to look for assistance and support than Facebook nowadays?

Some Questions About SocialGenie

Is there a limit to the amount of money that can be donated through Social Genie? SocialGenie

Author : Roger Hollings

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