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SocialGang.comCreate your very own gang within minutes using

This is an extremely simple, pared down app. It allows you to form a community with any number of users. To begin, you’ll have to register and name your gang. You can log in with your MSN, GTalk, Yahoo, or AIM account. From there, the site will ask you to list other members you want to join—the invite procedure is skipped, anyone you add is automatically in. Each group will get its own email address. The gang leader can send emails to everyone in the group, administrate privacy settings, and add new members. There aren’t too many features above and beyond this. Gangs can set up blog/news updates and they can add customized logos to their pages. There are only four main options on the homepage menu: Send, Invite, Settings and Members. In Their Own Words

“SocialGang: Create a gang”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you want to create a group within seconds, SocialGang’s the easiest thing you could ever find. It’s extremely simple. It’s not a victim of feature overkill. It gets back to basics.

Some Questions About

Why would anyone use this? For many, it’s far too simple. It lacks flair. How safe is it to use with your other account information?